The following are some of my articles:

The Market Matrix – a brief introduction to BTA and its insights into how markets work

Where Economics, Psychology and Statistics Intersect – this article appeared in the November 2010 issue of  SFO Magazine and explains market cycles.    The title link requires that you register with SFO (and it is well worth it – it is free and they send great info) but if you like to see the pdf of the article please click here: SFO Article Nov 2010

Ben’s Paradox – an article written in November 2010 using BTA to analyze markets at the time.

The Behavioural Finance of Trends – a brief look at the main factors driving trends.

Why Dividends Should Not be Taxed an article which appeared in Seeking Alpha about one of my pet peeves – the double taxation of corporate profits  – a practice which is having severe consequences on your pocketbook and on corporate governance.  A problem which is slightly mitigated here in Canada but is alive and kicking hard most everywhere else.
The Search for Safe Assets for Mad Times – where to invest your money when the world gets unhinged.
Four Forces Shaping Global Companies – an article in Seeking Alpha about emerging  forces affecting companies.
Two Lessons from the Last Century – an article in Seeking Alpha about ideology, scepticism, and the forgotten Golden Rule.