The book is an introduction to behavioral finance and applies BF to the study of trends, price extremes such as bubbles, and support and resistance levels.

“It provides a number of key insights that could potentially improve your trading or investing significantly.” Daryl Montgomery in Seeking Alpha

“There are number of good books on behaviorial finance/economics but this is the first book I’ve come across that pulls all of the key themes together in a straightforward, comprehensible manner and then effectively bridges over to how it relates to technical analysis…..Now there is one book that pulls it all together that’s written by a trader, not an academic or a strategist. Believe me, there is a difference. Even if you have a working understanding of BF, I would still recommend the book because of this distinction.” J. McKeough

“Behavioural finance is the next big thing in investment and Paul Azzopardi has created the perfect stepping stone to the future of investing with this informative and intriguing book.”  Ivan Lim on Global Investor

“Azzopardi provides the best explanation and summary of behavioural finance concepts that I have come across to date.” Canadian Financial DIY

“Behavioural Technical Analysis is not one of those books you read just once but is valuable as an ongoing reference. Trading without having read this book is like “going to a gunfight with a knife” in my view.” L. Anastasi

“Azzopardi has done a great job…” Max Zeledon in Seeking Alpha

“Instead of the dreary jungle of estoric financial jargon that I was scared I was letting myself into, I found myself immersed in a fascinating world of financial markets and the human psycho-behavioural mechanism that govern the human decision making process.”  Ray M. Cassar on Global Investor

You can order this book directly from Harriman House,  the publisher, from Amazon, Indigo/ChaptersBarnes and Noble, or other booksellers.  

Harriman House is one of the UK’s leading independent publishers of finance, trading and investment books. 

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