ConstantIncome Blog and Newsletter

Last year I decided to set up an investment management company to manage portfolios for clients seeking income via dividend stocks, bonds, ETFs and options.

I combine fundamental research with the new BTA techniques I developed since I sold my previous company in 2006 in order to try to time the market better and improve total return.

My website at has its own blog and I will also post my newsletter, The Income Portfolio Letter, there.

My blog at ConstantIncome will be my main blog and you can subscribe for it here:   ConstantIncome Blog.  You just have to enter your email address, confirm you want it,  and you will then receive all the new posts by email.

I had a lot of administrative and regulatory stuff to do in order to get things going but I hope that I will now get some time to write more about the market, behavioural finance and individual companies.

The book, “Behavioural Technical Analysis” is doing well and there is now a special  edition in India.   The book is also being translated into Chinese to be published there.

A reader sent me this cute graphic of it:

I love it, thank you Boris.

Every month, I also publish a very short newsletter called The Update which is linked to my popular website

The website suggest which of 6 ETFs investing globally you should be in during the next month.  We deal with US stocks, US bonds, Developed countries’s stocks, Emerging markets, Commodities and US real estate.

Performance?  We match buy and hold for two ETFs and beat buy and hold on four.  If you’re busy and want to invest your money in the cheapest and quickest way, check it out!

If you want to explore investing, the markets and companies, then please be my guest and subscribe for my ConstantIncome Blog.  See you there!

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